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About Traditional Art / Professional X3Female/France Group :iconokhong: Okhong
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:iconleafline1plz::iconleafline2plz::iconleafline3plz: Cresent Moon Emoji by kawrisu :iconleafline1plz::iconleafline2plz::iconleafline3plz:

Hey guys ! I guess you already noticed the wave of new beeguhs overflowing your devwatch but I wanted to make things the right way for once. ^_^

You might already know that with my friend :icongiz-art: we opened an adoptable shop named :iconokhong: where you can adopt Beeguhs, half human and half animal creatures.
Well now we're 5 working there and tonight 30th at 9PM (French timezone) will be the opening of the autumn sale ! :boogie:

Feel free to have a glass of pumpkin juice while having a sneak peek at our 8 new incomers, waiting for you in the farewell camp .

Salamander beeguh - [SALE OPEN] by JackPot-84 Lynx beeguh - [SALE OPEN] by Maiwenn European robin beeguh - [SALE OPEN] by Maiwenn European badger beeguh - [SOLD] by Maiwenn
Western green lizard Beeguh - [SALE OPEN] by Maiwenn Beeguh Boar- [SALE OPEN] by kineko Beeguh Red Fox- [SALE OPEN] by kineko Beeguh Fox- [SALE OPEN] by kineko


We also have this pretty ladycat on auction, running until November 1st at 9PM. (French timezone)

Scottish wildcat beeguh - [CLOSED] by giz-art


And for those running out of money, you can get the chance to win this adorable batboy on a raffle by spreading the word around you. Go check the rules to get your ticket !

Common Pipistrelle bat Beeguh - [CLOSED] by giz-art

Melting Candles Divider by LadyGlitch

:iconleafline1plz::iconleafline2plz::iconleafline3plz: Cresent Moon Emoji by kawrisu :iconleafline1plz::iconleafline2plz::iconleafline3plz:

Beeguhs are a closed specie from
Shamans of the camp :
:iconmaiwenn: :icongiz-art: :iconjackpot-84: :iconkineko: :iconmarililc:

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  • Listening to: Norah Jones
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  • Watching: Wakfu
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  • Drinking: Dargeeling Gomtee spring first flush tea


Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
Current Residence: Near Montpellier (France)


Gingerbread invasion by Maiwenn
Gingerbread invasion
A quick little something done for :iconokhong: group, I usually don't show here the sketches I do for the group activity but I don't plan to do anything special for christmas so I guess that for once I could share this here too. ^^

Is there any need to say Boursin is over enthusiastic about Oren and Asa's initiative? What is great with him is that there is always enought food for everyone. Actually, there is always too much food for everyone, I hope your bellies are ready...! XD;
Daghny stopped by the kitchen to ask if there was any help needed and she... kinda regretted it. A chance she's stronger than she looks! X'D
Is there anyone to make her basket lighter? 8D

(I wish I could be fluent in english, I would write so many little role plays. ;__; )
.:: Sketchdump Akantha 01 ::. by Maiwenn
.:: Sketchdump Akantha 01 ::.
A while ago I adopted this pretty lady to :iconscarlet-harlequin-n:.
I haven't sketched her much meanwhile but here's a little dump of my crappy attempts at getting her in the pencil.
Sketches are presented from the oldest to the newest and I even thought I wish I could do her justice better, I already see a progress, it's encouraging... :)

I plan to make her interact with grown up Karoll and Mel but I can’t do it now because of the risks of spoils, gniiih! >^<
So I kinda cheated and made them appear on a censored way, haha. 8′D
Karoll will be an even greater pain to live with and the main subject of all conversations begining by a silence, is about Akantha accepting that someone ride on her back. The answer is always the same of course… XD;;;
Oh, and Karoll is not especially doing a whim (just teasing her), but Akantha is so tall (and Karoll so small) that jumping while talking is the only way to have a semblance of conversation. X)

Akantha and Rordiceer's design by :iconscarlet-harlequin-n:.
Sketchdump Nausicaa 01 by Maiwenn
Sketchdump Nausicaa 01
I'm a huge fan of the paper manga "Nausicäa of the valley of the wind" and I read again all my books lately.
I couldn't resist to do some quick fanarts or to redraw some panels. I just wish I had the time and courage to do these sketch pages for each one of the books. My favourite parts are not even there... T_T

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CHeMnICORn Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You have a lovely gallery of creatures! I am envious of those who are able to blend species so well!
Maiwenn Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you so much! :hug:
I'm not that good at mixing animals, that's why I love to adopt other artist's creatures. Mixing humans and animals is easier for me though, I love taurs so much! :heart:
trazor29 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thank you so much for the critique and for taking the time to look at my gallery
I'll try to follow your advice in the near future. :')
Actually up until a few months ago I would've only drawn things that I felt comfortable with. But somehow in this short time period I grew to actually enjoy drawing challenging art pieces. I think I wouldn't have been able to do my hand drawn animations, if it werent for that.
Didn't understand what you meant by 3D though (like 3D animation?) Because that would not be possible for me rn, not because I don't like it or can't, but actually physically can not since I don't have a graphic tablet.
All the digital pieces you see on my profile? Are drawn on my phone (even the animation, haha) 😅
Thank you again, and like you said, I'll strive to improve as much as I can and learn as much as I can :)
Maiwenn Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Did I said 3D? Anyway, if you indeed began to enjoy trying new things, that means you're on the right way ! The more I began to learn, the more I wanted to learn and little by little I came to work on things that never interested me before, which helped me a lot to progress. So keep up that way, you're doing good! (>v<)d
trazor29 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thank you thank you
I am eternally grateful *_*
Maiwenn Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Haha, don't ! X)
The road for self taught artist is long and hard, I'm glad to cheer. ^^
(1 Reply)
trazor29 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
Your art is quite brilliant.
And it was your natural animals gallery that hooked me in.
Detinitely watching :) 👍👍
Maiwenn Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot ! :hug:
I don't post much animals illustrations because most of the one I do are for work, but I should definitely do some more for myself! X)
trazor29 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
If it's not too much trouble. Could you view my gallery?
I could use some of your critique :')
Maiwenn Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
I had a look to your gallery but I'm not sure I can give any interesting advice.
You seems to already master copy very well, are using as much traditionnal media than CG and also work on your own personnal style and small animations. The best I can advice you is to keep that diversity and the pleasure you get in drawing. Honestly it's the best way to progress. Of course life drawing is very important in order to progress too, but if you don't have the will to do it, it can just be boring and discouraging. So try first to keep that love of drawing and experiment as much as you can when you feel there's a way interesting you, feed your imagination on your fav artists and never give up. Rather than technic tips you can hear everywhere, I think this kind of philosophy is the most important and has to be heard at least once. :)
Keep up good work and fun !  :thumbsup:
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